It’s risky to do business with people when you were neither referred to them by a trusted source nor have any personal history with them.  At PEACHTREE FINANCIAL, we believe that there is no better advertisement than “word of mouth.”  Most of us probably could identify with having been “taken advantage of” by dishonest, unscrupulous people who happen to hold legitimate license(s) required for their line of work.  Hence, we highly recommend that you check the licensing status of any professional with whom you are planning to do business.  Although this process cannot guarantee a satisfactory business experience, it is certainly worth it for you to determine if the licensee has ever been sanctioned by a respective licensing entity.

Online licensee status checks have become widely available in the last few years.

Listed below are some links to the various California state regulatory bodies:

Bureau of Real Estate (Real Estate and Mortgage Companies) 

Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) 

Contractor’s State License Board (Construction Contractors) 
Real Estate Inspection Association (Property Inspectors) 

Secretary of State (Corporations, LLC ‘s or Limited Partnerships)
State Bar (Attorneys) 

Structural Pest Control Board (Termite Companies)

Over the years, we have kept a list of many companies and vendors whom we trust and have had good business experiences so that we can refer them to our family, friends and clients.  We only work with companies and vendors who share our business philosophy of honesty, ethics and integrity.

Unlike many companies and individuals in our industry, we neither pay nor receive compensation for referrals.  This practice is not only unscrupulous and illegal, but extremely short-sighted because it turns the client into “a transaction to be milked” instead of a relationship to be nurtured.

Please feel free to contact us if you need the services of any of the following professionals.  We would be happy to share their contact information with you:

• Accommodator (1031 Exchange) • Electrician • Medical Doctor
• Appraiser • Escrow Company • Money Manager
• Attorney • Event or Party Planner • Nail Salon
• Bookkeeper • Financial Advisor & Planner • Payroll & HR
• Business Manager • Fitness Personal Trainer • Personal Assistant
• Carpet & Wood Flooring • General Contractor • Phone & Network
• Caterer • Graphics Artist • Plumber
• Certified Public Accountant • Hair Salon • Printer
• Chiropractor • Handyman for Small Jobs • Property Inspector
• Coach (Business and/or Life) • Health and Beauty Treatments • Real Estate Agent
• Computer Technician • Hypnotherapy • Solar Power
• Dentist • Insurance Agent • Title Insurance
• Education (College Funding) • Interior Designer • Website Designer