Why Choose Us

With hundreds of mortgage options out there and endless hype, how can you be sure that you’re really making the best choice?  And how is it that many mortgage brokers and bankers seem to come and go with every real estate cycle, yet PEACHTREE FINANCIAL has been a consistent market leader since 1998?

If you have ever been turned down or frustrated by substandard service when applying for a mortgage, you will appreciate our vast expertise and decades of experience.  We have resuscitated many mortgage loans that have either been declined or just could not be closed by other lenders.  Additionally, we have closed many loans thought to be “impossible” even by our own clients.

How do we differ from our competitors?  PEACHTREE FINANCIAL is not driven by a short run, transactional business model.  Rather, we focus on nurturing long-term relationships that deliver value far beyond the expectations of our clients.  In return, our clients support us with their faith, trust and referrals.  The founder of our company has well over 20 years of real estate lending experience and has built strong, trust based relationships with our lenders and investors that make things happen for our clients.

While it is important to shop for the best interest rate available, it is also very important to know the company with whom you plan to do business.  Ask yourself if you feel comfortable giving some of your most private information to the person interviewing you.  PEACHTREE FINANCIAL’s clients trust us because of our history and standing in the community.  Additionally, most of our clients were referred to us by people they themselves know and trust — people who’ve had a great experience with our company.

A high percentage of our clientele consists of “High Profile” and “High Net Worth” individuals and celebrities.  In addition to providing excellent professional and personal service outside of regular “banking hours,” PEACHTREE FINANCIAL provides confidentiality.

The wonderful feedback we receive from our clients is the most rewarding part of our job.  We often share our written testimonials with each party responsible for the referral so they can feel confident that we have taken good care of their family, friends and associates.  We keep our clients’ personal information strictly confidential, but we ask our clients not to keep us a secret by referring our services to people important to them.

We look forward to an opportunity to work with you.